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September 2022 Issue
Fall Convocation Announcement and Upcoming Events

June 2022 Issue
Dean's Message and Chapter Election Results

May 2022 Issue
Dean's Message and Annual Banquet

April 2022 Issue
Executive Committee Nominations

March 2022 Issue
Request for Articles

February 2022 Issue
Schedule Updates

December 2021 Issue
Dean's Message; Calling all Young Organists

November 2021 Issue
Dr. Steven Egler Virtual Event

October 2021 Issue
Singing Gregorian Chant Presentation

September 2021 Issue
New Dean's Message and Opening Event Announcement

June 2021 Issue
Chapter Election Results

May 2021 Issue
Outgoing Dean's Message and Meeting/Game Night Reminder

April 2021 Issue
Dean's Message and Officer/Committee Nominees Announced

March 2021 Issue
Members Meeting and Game Night Announced

February 2021 Issue
Dean's Message and Hauptwerk Presentation

December 2020 Issue
Jazz and the Organ Event

November 2020 Issue
Online Concert and Event Options

October 2020 Issue
Virtual Oktoberfest!

September 2020 Issue
Dean's Message and Noah Klein Recital

June 2020 Issue
Chapter Officer Election Results

May 2020 Issue
Dean's Message and Church Music During COVID-19

April 2020 Issue
Executive Committee Nominations, and a Tale of Two Barckhoff Organs

March 2020 Issue
Battle of the Organs Event!

February 2020 Issue
Dessert and Discussion Event

December 2019 Issue
Performers Requested for January Student Recital

November 2019 Issue
Movie Night and Travels Abroad

October 2019 Issue
September Convocation and October Pedals, Pipes, and Pizza Events

September 2019 Issue
New Dean's Message and Upcoming Events List

May 2019 Issue
Dean's Message and Spring Social

April 2019 Issue
Bach Birthday Recital and Spring Social Announcement

March 2019 Issue
March Organ Crawl

February 2019 Issue
February Fanfare 2019

December 2018 Issue
Columbus AGO's 100th Anniversary Finale

November 2018 Issue
Columbus AGO's 100th Anniversary - Tribute Concert

October 2018 Issue
February Fanfare Announcement and a Trip to Costa Rica

September 2018 Issue
Dean's Message and 2018-2019 Program Listing

May 2018 Issue
Dean's Message and Spring Social Announcement

April 2018 Issue
100th Anniversary Event: Raúl Prieto Ramirez Concert and a Look Back at the Installation and Dedication of the Mershon Auditorium Schantz in 1958

March 2018 Issue
Dean's Message and Valentine's Day Memoir

February 2018 Issue
Columbus AGO Centennial Celebration - February Flourish Event

December 2017 Issue
Announcement: First Event of Columbus AGO Centennial Celebration

November 2017 Issue
Dean's Comments on Upcoming Events and Columbus AGO Facebook Page Information

October 2017 Issue
October Events and 100th Anniversary Planning News

September 2017 Issue
New Dean's Message and Todd Wilson September Program

May 2017 Issue
Outgoing Dean's Message and Spring Social Reminder

April 2017 Issue
Chapter Officers and Executive Committee Nominations

March 2017 Issue
March Program: Leadership Program for Musicians

February 2017 Issue
Dean's Message - In Memoriam

January 2017 Issue
Dean's Message for the New Year

December 2016 Issue
Dean's Message and Holiday Concert/Recital Lineup

November 2016 Issue
Madame Marie-Louise Langlais Workshop and Recital

October 2016 Issue
Bradley Welch and Charles Callahan Workshops

September 2016 Issue
Dean's Message and Organ Crawl

May 2016 Issue
Student Recital and Spring Social

April 2016 Issue
April Workshop with Jason Roberts and Student Recital

March 2016 Issue
April Workshop with Jason Roberts

February 2016 Issue
Dean's Message and Upcoming Events

January 2016 Issue
January Program: Madeleine Woodworth

December 2015 Issue
David Crean Concert and Dean's Message

November 2015 Issue
David Crean Concert and Workshop Announcement

October 2015 Issue
Thomas Bara Recital/Workshop Announcement

September 2015 Issue
Incoming Dean's Message and Thomas Bara Recital/Workshop Announcement

May 2015 Issue
Dean's Message and Spring Social Announcement

April 2015 Issue
Annual Student Recital Benefit and Columbus AGO Centennial Planning

March 2015 Issue
Regional Young Organists Competition

February 2015 Issue
Workshop: Practical Tips for Part Time Church Musicians

January 2015 Issue
Dean's Message and January Workshop Announcement

December 2014 Issue
Workshop and concert with Nathan Laube

November 2014 Issue
Pedals, Pipes and Pizza event and workshop with Nathan Laube

October 2014 Issue
Nicholas Quardokus Recital and upcoming Pedals, Pipes and Pizza event

September 2014 Issue
Dean's Message and Nicholas Quardokus Recital

May 2014 Issue
Dean's Message and Spring Banquet Announcement

April 2014 Issue
Executive Committee Nominee Reminder and New AGO Membership Database System

March 2014 Issue
Benefit Student Recital and Executive Committee Nominees

February 2014 Issue
Videos and Potluck Supper Event!

January 2014 Issue
January Member Recital

December 2013 Issue
Dean's Message and January Member Recital Announcement

November 2013 Issue
Pedals, Pipes and Pizza and Choral Workshops

October 2013 Issue
October Workshops and Exchanging Benches!

September 2013 Issue
Dean's Message and Recital by Richard Elliott Announcement

May 2013 Issue
Dean's Message and a Tour of the Austin Organs Factory

April 2013 Issue
Upcoming Workshop - Building Parish Music Programs

March 2013 Issue
Upcoming Events

February 2013 Issue
Upcoming Concerts

January 2013 Issue
January Program

December 2012 Issue
Dean's Message and January Program

November 2012 Issue
Introduction to Basic Organ Building Program

September 2012 Issue
Internet Resources Program

May 2012 Issue
Spring Social

April 2012 Issue
Ann Lebounsky Recital and Executive Committee Nominees

March 2012 Issue
Hector Olivera Children's Concert

February 2012 Issue
February program with James E. Bobb

December 2011 / January 2012 Issue
Playing the Text with James E. Bobb

November 2011 Issue
Improvisation and Solo Vocal Repertoire Workshop

October 2011 Issue
Masquerade, Music and Magic Program

September 2011 Issue
Katelyn Emerson program and installation of officers

May-June 2011 Issue
Election Results

April 2011 Issue
Officer Nominees, Scholarship Applications, Co-sponsorship Applications

March 2011 Issue
Bach Birthday Bash! and Executive Committee Nominees

February 2011 Issue
Hymn Festival with Richard Webster

January 2011 Issue
Saying Farewell to Dean Julia Parker

December 2010 Issue
Reflections by three Executive Committee members

November 2010 Issue
Solos, Duet, and Tutti at St. Michael Church

October 2010 Issue
Three Workshops for Church Musicians

September 2010 Issue
Hector Olivera Workshop and Concert

Events Listing
for June 2010

May 2010 Issue
Chapter Student Scholarship Program

April 2010 Issue
Program: Finding and Using Instrumental Resources

March 2010 Issue
Pipe Organs Up Close & Hands On

February 2010 Issue
February Program: Acoustics, Architecture and Art

Events Listing
for December 2009 and January 2010

November 2009 Issue
November program: A Fun Organ Concert to benefit the Mid-Ohio Foodbank

October 2009 Issue
October program: Service Playing-practical considerations

September 2009 Recital
by competition winner Dana Steele

June 2009 Issue
Scholarship award results/Officer election results

April 2009 Issue
Officer candidate bios, Organist/Clergy Dinner details

March 2009 Issue
Chapter Young Organist Competition Winners: Dana Steele, Samantha Koch, David Pettit

February 2009 Issue
RCYO Chapter Competition, 2009 Scholarship Program

December 2008/January 2009 Issue
Teaching African American Spirituals, The Rev'd Edward Payne

October 2008 Issue
American Organ Works performed by Dr. Jeannine Jordan

September 2008 Issue
International Year of the Organ

June 2008 Issue
Scholarship Program, Preview of 08-09 Events

April 2008 Issue
Executive Committee Nominees

March 2008 Issue
Spanish Repertoire Workshop

January/February 2008 Issue
Pedals, Pipes, and Pizza

December 2007 Issue
Seasonal Events Listed

November 2007 Issue
November Program: Music for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany

September 2007 Issue
October Programs: Focus on the Future, Psalms are for Singing

May 2007 Issue
Preview of the 2007-08 Programs

April 2007 Issue
April Program: Youth and Children's Choir Music at Worthington United Methodist

March 2007 Issue
March Program: Puttin' on the Fritts at Saint Joseph Cathedral

January/February 2007 Issue
February Program: Holy Name Church and its Hybrid (pipe/electronic) Organ

December 2006 Issue
January Program: Mozart's Organ Music - Part Two

November 2006 Issue
November Program: Mozart's Organ Music

October 2006 Issue
October Program: Mozart's Music for Organ and Strings

August 2006 Issue
Programs for the 06-07 season announced

June/July 2006 Issue
Three new Executive Committee members elected

May 2006 Issue
Convention Update

April 2006 Issue
Spring Party at Buckeye Lake

March 2006 Issue
New Schantz Organ at Capital University

January/February 2006 Issue
Recital and Workshop with Ken Cowan

December 2005 Issue
Bach's Orgelbüchlein Master Class with Trudy Faber

November 2005 Issue
Bach's Orgelbüchlein with John David Peterson
Report on our Columbus Day Organ Crawl

October 2005 Issue
Columbus Day Organ Crawl, with distinguished guest artist Wilbur Held

September 2005 Issue
Music for Holy Week & Installation of Chapter Officers

May/June 2005 Issue
Election Results announced

April 2005 Issue
Meet the 1931 IV/66 Kimball at First Congregational Church

March 2005 Issue
Dean's Corner: Our Instrument (and its varieties)

February 2005 Issue
Pizza and Pipes Program for Youth

January 2005 Issue
New Organ Repertoire with guest recitalist Nicole Keller