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Fall 2020 Online Classes and Lessons


 In today’s rapidly-shifting environment of changing regulations and guidelines, the Sacred Music Institute of America, LLC stands by its commitment to provide high-quality educational experiences to meet the needs of sacred musicians beyond the confines of traditional academic programs.  This fall, students can continue to develop skills and learn new repertoire from the comfort of home through online lessons in organ, voice, and conducting.  The Institute will also offer in-person lessons in the greater Columbus area.


This fall, the Sacred Music Institute of America is also offering three ten-week online courses: “Gregorian and English Chant I,” “Music Theory I,” and “History of Sacred Music.”  These classes include lectures, discussions, and readings and may be taken as continuing education or as part of the Institute’s certification tracks for music directors, organists, choir directors, and cantors.


“Gregorian and English Chant I” will be taught by Dr. William Mahrt, who also teaches musicology and the performance of Medieval and Renaissance music at Stanford University.  It is a beginning course in chant which will proceed from reading and singing of the simplest chants and the study of their liturgical function and include chants of progressive difficulty for the priest, people, and choir in both English and Latin.


“History of Sacred Music” will be taught by Emily Lapisardi, director of music at the Catholic Chapel at the United States Military Academy (West Point, NY).  This course provides a survey of the historical role of music in worship from its roots in the Old Testament to the present day, exploring landmark repertoire within the framework of turning-points in ecclesiastical history.  While the class will focus primarily on Christian music in the western world, cross-cultural influences will also be explored.


"Music Theory I" will also be taught by Emily Lapisardi.  This course provides an overview of the foundational components of music including notation, intervals, key signatures, harmonic analysis and realization, and figured bass.


All fall classes begin on August 24.  More information is available at, or by contacting the Institute at 614-395-7783 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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