Columbus AGO
Executive Committee Meeting
Monday, 31 March 2014
St. Paul The Apostle Church

Thanks to John Bryan for hosting.

Present: Nancy Renneckar, John Schuder, Mark Stuart, Joel Mathias, Erin Petrella, Brett Green, Carol Neff, Jared Bennett, Wanda Neudorfer-Pack, Josh Brodbeck, John Bryan, Al Adcock, Tom Gerke


The meeting was called to order.

The minutes of the February 17 meeting were approved as presented.

Treasurer’s Report: Al Adcock
Two new members in late spring signup. Projecting 80 people at banquet. Need to budget for election mailing expenses. Took in ~$570 at student recital. Report was approved as presented.

There was a brief discussion about the ONCARD process, directories, and what information will be viewable online. When will checks come? Will this replace the paper directory?

Dean’s Comments

March 16 student recital very recital. Thanks to Nancy Renneckar. Students did well, and seemed to enjoy playing. Not as well attended as previous recital, but still a respectable turnout. Nice to see some new faces. Thanks for Wanda and Carol for the reception.

Elections: no new news from Sally Casto. 59 ballots returned so far. John will ask Jan Linker to write a paragraph announcing the results for The Guilder.

ONCARD: Sara Seidel will be invited to the next meeting to share updates and discuss. Will we be able to call people to ask about renewals, as we have in the past?

Young organists scholarship fund: Donation (names) will be put in Guilder. Should give donors paying by checks the option to remain anonymous. Al will also need to prepare tax statements when appropriate.

Student Memberships: Young age limit of 10 through 24, when registered as a student in an academic program, and also pledging to support the chapter in the coming year.

Programs 2014-2015

John Schuder in contact with Chris Dent and Jim Hildreth. Sep 26 concert by Regional Competition Winner. No fee for use of church. Don’t know if a Muller touch-up would be free or not. Previously, paid student $500 + transportation stipend. Still sounds reasonable. Need ushers and refreshments. Bigtime publicity needed!

Oct 25: PP&P at St. Paul The Apostle. Make good effort of getting word out.

Nov 15, 16 Masterclass and co-sponsored recital at St. Joseph Cathedral. John Bryan talked with Paul Thornock; Nathan Laube. Our portion would be $2000, which would cover the Saturday morning masterclass. Comment: $2000 would make a huge impact to scholarship fund. Could we just sponsor the masterclass? Concerns about door collections and perceptions about the AGO’s inclusiveness. Choose another venue that could be highlighted, which might not have a concert series of their own?

Motion to only accept written applications in the future (no AGO approaching concert series). The motion was not seconded.

Also received request from Kevin Jones for consideration. (James O’Donnel, Westminster Abbey).

January workshop: (18 & 20??) Efficient use of time for part-time musicians. Panel based?

March or April: Student recital. Easter is April 5. Recital three weeks after Easter? April 26 (tentative)

Social: May 11?

Interest in getting information about the RCYO Competition for 2016.

Wilbur Held congratulations (Ad). Would cost $536. Jim Hildreth has a previously published article about Wilbur. Send bulletins and cards to Al to be sent to Wilbur. Motion to budget $600 for ad and expenses, plus $500 donation to Annual Fund in his honor. Approved.

May Social: $25 per person. Muller will (tentatively) donate wine. Tom Gerke signed contract for Buckeye Blend. Installation of officers. 30 minute program. Approved $400 for entertainment. Need to allow $350 for postage (reservations). Approved.

Student scholarship applications were considered. Applications include a POE, a POE Tech, and Oberlin Summer Music Institute. Motion to award $450 to each applicant. Additional moneyes needed will come from Contingency. Approved as presented. Will have to remember that POE students get free student memberships.

Review of Calendar

Nov Dean appoint chair of nominating committee; board approve nominating committee
Oct 22: notify national of intent to hold competiton
Jan Slate of candidates – go out in Guilder Feb 15
Mar 31: ballots back, scholarship & cosponsorship applications

Next meeting May 12, St. Paul